Many people with HIV who are prescribed anti-retroviral drugs suffer debilitating side effects. Expressing the impact of these side effects can be difficult. Many patients stop taking their medicine as a result.
Non-adherence allows the virus to mutate and become resistant to the original medicine. So the patient is then prescribed a new drug, often this can produce even worse side effects. This further decreases the patient’s health and wellbeing and costs health care providers more.
This project explored how to help people with HIV to record how they were feeling while at the same time informing their HIV specialist in a way that enabled both parties to focus in an evidence-based way on non-adherence issues during a consultation.

Main Outputs

  • Pop-up innovation model
  • Research and insight
  • Patient and health care professional / HIV specialist research panel
  • Ideas test group
  • Ideas and early stage concepts
  • User journeys and use cases
  • ‘Proofs of concept’ and demos
  • Service scripts, wireframes and visual assets
  • Business cases
  • Presentation decks
  • Booklet detailing the idea and rationale for next stage investment  


  • Creative, commercially valid thinking
  • Transformative ‘proof point’ for the ‘pop up’ innovation unit model
  • Mixed discipline team play
  • New knowledge / learning of patient and health specialists’ needs, behaviours and motivators
  • New knowledge / ability to use Agile and Lean method tools and techniques to deliver solutions fast



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