Many people with cancer experience disturbed sleep. This project explored how to help people with cancer manage anxiety, sleep better and build resilience and wellbeing as a result. It involved working directly with the end user groups – people with cancer, their carers, sleep, psychology and oncology professionals. It also created multi-discipline sprint teams to explore the question and rapidly create early prototype solutions and business cases.

Main Outputs

  • Research and insight about sleep, cancer and new digital technology
  • 6 prototypes and Lean business canvases
  • 2 research workshops
  • 2-day design jam
  • 6 presentations to angel investors


  • ‘Proof point’ in how to approach solving complex problems
  • Early stage prototypes delivering ‘proofs of concept’ enabling culture change and evidence-based, less risky decision-making process for next stage of ideas development
  • A new business, Somnia, which has successfully developed and tested a sleep service for people with cancer and is seeking angel funding



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