We prioritise learning, experimentation and play in everything we do because we believe this is what enables people and organisations to adapt, stay motivated and grow.

We have a large network of skilled practitioners working in many different fields. We’ve  run many talks, hackathons and training events, including the sell-out Making of Meaning series at the Southbank in London.

Hacks and other types of accelerated learning and prototyping workshops we’ve run have enabled hundreds of people to collaborate, meet each other, play with new technology, and learn more about design thinking and innovation methods, including Lean and Agile methods. 

Events are often developed in collaboration with other organisations and have been run in a number of cities, sometimes simultaneously, including in London, Berlin, Copenhagen and San Francisco.

Main Outputs

  • Training workshops
  • Talks and inspiration sessions 
  • Hackathons and other forms of innovation workshop sprints
  • Ideas, insights, presentations, prototypes


  • Accelerated, shared learning
  • Broader network of skilled contacts 
  • Better awareness of different practitioners’ points of view
  • Deeper understanding of a subject or challenge
  • Deeper understanding of motivations and reasons why
  • New ideas and possibilities to explore



And solve problems in days rather than months? Do you want to learn faster than you’ve ever learned before?

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