A patient moving through different stages of diagnosis and treatment, and from one part of the hospital or healthcare system to another can be a waste of nurses’ time with repeated routine administration tasks. This includes having to repeatedly take a patient’s name and gathering details of their condition or treatment. The fragmented way information is captured, stored and accessed prevents nurses from devoting more time to delivering positive outcomes for patients.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) wanted to explore how it could use technology to develop solutions that enable nurses to do their routine administration more easily while on the go.

Main Outputs

  • Research workshop with nurses and RCN stakeholders
  • Invite-only hackathon
  • 8 new digital product prototypes (many featuring voice to text Conversational UI, eg Alex and Google Home, AI and data science technology)
  • 8 top line business cases
  • Presentations


  • Culturally transformative and creative thinking
  • Better team play across a mix of disciplines
  • Actionable insight about new technology
  • Challenges around capturing, storing and sharing data
  • Evidence of how technology can be used to help nurses do their admin more easily
  • New learning about various design thinking, Lead and Agile tools and techniques applied



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