This project explored a number of hypotheses including some linked to the development of new pedagogic and therapeutic models. 

For example, exploring the possibility of teaching children new innovation and design techniques very quickly using sprint format. Or seeing if children could take the design and innovation tools and techniques they were being taught and apply those skills to articulate, frame and create solutions to problems they identified during the sprint. Or discovering if it was possible to use a design brief centred on changing a child’s everyday life for the better to link to the national schools’ curriculum and promote cognitive skills, creative thinking, better teamplay, reasoning and analytical capabilities.

Main Outputs

  • ‘Invite only’ design jam with 20 7-11 year olds, plus one parent / chaperone
  • Chill-out yoga session
  • Sets of personas
  • Problem / opportunity statements
  • Drawn, written and sculpted ideas showing how to solve the problem identified,
  • Scratch-based script and code for running robot programme


  • A ‘proof point’ for the pedagogic and therapy models showing how design and innovation tools and techniques can be quickly taught and used to problem solve and promote cognitive thinking, team play, creative and rationale / analytical skills in children.
  • A sense of achievement on the part of the children – they were able to articulate their feelings and design working models and robot-driven prototypes designed to help solve problems they identified.
  • Parents learned more about challenges their children are experiencing.
  • Parents introduced to new, more fulfilling ways to share in the learning process – co-designing solutions and learning about new tools and technologies like robotics and software development alongside their children.



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