Health service professionals and organisations struggle to cope with the increasing numbers of young people suffering from mental health issues. Often help doesn’t become available until their problem has advanced. 

This project explored how digital technology could help educate young people about depression – what it is and how to prevent or alleviate it. It was also designed to create a proof point for the service innovation model itself – i.e. a proof point demonstrating how, if well used, design sprint methods can deliver health and wellbeing benefits fast and in a meaningful, resource-saving, scalable way.

Main Outputs

  • Research and insight report
  • 6 prototypes and business cases
  • Demos and videos
  • Government / National Centre for Universities and Business whitepaper about the role digital technology can play in healthcare provision, featuring the project as an exemplar ‘new model’


  • New evidence-based insight about the role digital technology can play in delivering health care and the model that could be used to do it
  • Deeper understanding and knowledge of how design and innovation methods can be used to problem solve
  • Multitude of new network connections
  • New project from mental health charity MIND – redesigning their online support service



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